How Long Does It Take To Get Braces Off?

However, there is a given period when the dentist dictates to have the braces before; therefore, this suggests you have to remove them after a certain period. After the braces are removed, some patients can eat foods that they found difficult to handle your dental care in the easiest and accommodating manner. Below is everything you need to know about the braces removal process before you have them removed.

How long does the removal take?

The entire process to remove the braces should take around one hour. During this process, the doctors use the necessary dental equipment to remove the braces and practice dental care to improve the well-being of your teeth.Orthodontists in Bangaloreusually take the patient through all the details required before kicking off with the process to make you feel comfortable all through. Below are the steps you should expect during the braces removal process.

  1. Separating the brackets from the teeth

The dental expert uses pliers to deform the brackets and make them weak to help separate them from the glue that holds them together. The dentist should do this to the brackets on top and bottom. Should you feel any pain or discomfort, you should inform the dentist because no pain should be handled.

  1. Remove the remaining glue.

The doctor should apply the best dental cleaning products and equipment to remove the glue traces remaining on your teeth. This is to give your teeth an authentic and presentable look. This should be done thoroughly and an assurance made by the dental expert that the cleaning agent is safe for your teeth, therefore, cannot cause staining or bleaching.

  1. Make a retainer mould.

After removing the braces, the doctor should go ahead and put a retainer, this dental product that should hold your teeth together for a particular period before they regain the preferred stability. The retainer should go along the shape of your teeth to ensure that you have the proper fitting, therefore, giving you the best smile. Depending on your dental problem, the dentist should recommend wearing the retainer for a certain period.

  1. Post dental care after braces removal

After having your braces removed, you may feel discomfort around the gums; this means that you should be extra careful when brushing your teeth. Orthodontists in Bangalore usually discourage flossing during this period because you may fail to do it accordingly, hurting your gums.

Possible issues you should expect after getting your braces off

There are standard parts of your dental structure that may experience problems after removing your braces; your gums and jaws. This is why you need to seek the best dental experts and follow the medical advice given to ensure that you regain your smile.

Braces are among the most helpful dental products applied to correct teeth alignment and other possible dental issues. Being aware of the above braces removal process is relevant; this ensures that you are well prepared to promote your dental health.


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