Things to Look For In a Life Coach

The truth is, if you get a great life coach, never let them go! Why so? Finding an exceptional life coach is daunting hence the need to maintain the one you have. While a significant part of their importance derives from their tools and skills, the chemistry between you two is extraordinary. And that chemistry is unique to each relationship.

Still, if a life coach was great with your friend’s needs, it doesn’t guarantee they will be significant to you as well. To emphasize more, each relationship is unique. What is chemistry? Chemistry entails everything from the amount of respect, personality, interaction to the coaching style and more.

Consequently, if you understand, you will appreciate more the role of a life coach. So, below are things to search for in your life coach if you want chemistry formation.

Read on.


Authenticity is the foundation of trust. A relationship without trust is slippery hence cannot hold any mass for even the shortest period. Even with the numerous instructions on becoming better, you are likely to make no progress as there is a ‘wall’ between you and the coach.

Therefore, ensure your coach is genuine and authentic. A great life coach will not try to be something they are not. Such a coach will tell you of their journey hence building trust to strengthen your relationship. Besides, you can only trust someone who’s been through the same to help you be better.


This does not mean the literal voice but rather their voice in the brand. The voice of a life coach is the one that brings out the difference and uniqueness.

It would help if you dealt with a life coach with a unique approach to personal development matters like

A life coach is more of a skill than therapy which is a clinical approach to matters even if it involves a unique style. Usually, life coaches do not have limits apart from ethics that regulate them. Because of this fact, they can come up with diverse and practical styles of handling the matters at hand.


This goes without saying that confidence is mandatory when dealing with people. Besides, how will you trust a life coach who lacks confidence? However, the confidence of a life coach is not about their ability to be right or wrong but about their skills and track records.

The confidence of a couch is about excellent communication skills, being open on the things known and unknown, knowing value and shortcomings, and standing firm on what they believe. Better still, a life coach needs to keep building their confidence even as they practice helping people.


Having a passionless life coach is the worst mistake you can make when looking for one. Your coach doesn’t have to be perfect to help you but rather someone who has their struggles but still wants to help you through yours.

Even amidst burn out, which is normal, your life couch should still find delight in helping you. Generally, her only desire should be about helping you shed off the ugly and give birth to a better you.

Allowing someone to make changes to your personal space is not a joke. That is why you need to be careful in your selection of a life coach.


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