What to Consider When Buying a Hand Sanitizer

Having clean hands is mandatory to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our hands can become extremely dirty hence transferring from mild to severe disease-causing germs in our bodies. Besides, most of the diseases people get are due to their hands touching something with the germs unknowingly and failure to clean immediately.

While washing hands is the recommended way to maintain clean hands, some situations call for hand sanitizers. Even though you are always indoors with good access to water and soap, a hand sanitizer is still essential in and outside.

As explained at mecda.org, hand sanitizers are your ready solution anytime, anywhere. But because of the several types in the market, how do you choose the best?

Read on.

Skin Tolerance and Reactions

There are various ways of testing skin tolerance in a hand sanitizer; self-testing and expert clinical evaluation. This means that there are sanitizers that will quickly react with your skin even after a patch test before buying, while others have ingredients of manufacture that you are sure will not be gentle on your skin.

Some hand sanitizers will cause instant irritation to the skin leading to itchiness, redness, and cracking. Some of these reactions can even cause pain if you do not attend promptly by applying a soothing moisturizer.

Even though alcohol-based sanitizers effectively kill germs, they cause adverse reactions to the skin. It would help to look for milder but effective options that will leave the skin feeling soft at all times from leading stores like protective hygiene.co.za.

Aesthetic Value

 When it comes to considering the aesthetic value, you should check for elements such as;

Fragrance: Most people prefer something that smells nice all day. Simultaneously, there are pleasant scents that you can wear for as long as it takes, be cautious of not going for those with a strong smell to cause allergic reactions to you or others. Still, others prefer those with no added fragrance.

Texture: This comprises gel, solutions, and foam. Gel and foam sanitizers are ideal for most uses because they spread quickly and stay on the skin, ensuring better performance in killing germs. Better still, both of them are easy to carry as they do not drip easily from the hand when you squeeze. Conversely, solutions tend to dry quickly hence less effective in killing germs. Also, solutions have a strong scent compared to gel.

Design: Due to various preferences from people’s demands, several designs match their needs. Some sanitizers come in bottles of different sizes and shapes, pen-like, wristwatch designs, and even sachets.


Good health is priceless, so you should do anything to buy what protects your health from any dangers. With this in mind, it would also help to consider value for your money. Even though purchasing a cheap sanitizer will save you money, be careful not to compromise your health as you reach for affordable products.

Usually, cheap is expensive. This means that the affordable and readily available sanitizers tend to be low-priced and harsh ingredients. The best way would be to know the safe ingredients in a sanitizer and buy products that have all that to ensure clean, healthy, and soft hands.

As little as your bottle of sanitizer may be, it plays a significant role in ensuring you remain covid-free. Therefore, buy wisely!


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