Getting Employees On Board For 100 Days of Masking

Who would have thought that we’d be dealing with Covid-19 this long? While there are solutions in sight, much of them take longer than expected, leaving the world to wait and see. At the forefront of American’s battle against Covid-19 raises the issue of mandates and regulations for individuals. The home of the free and land of the brave won’t settle for anything the government says and is bound to speak their opinion (we wouldn’t have it any other way!). For businesses planning to take in the new administration’s challenge and try and get everyone in masks, here’s a few ways to get your crew on board.

1. Create A Policy

While many think it’s as simple as saying “you must wear a mask,” it’s much more complicated than that. Some view the plea to wear a mask as trampling on human rights, left in disbelief about anything dealing with the virus. Companies can avoid these issues by creating a policy in collaboration with their Human Resources departments. Think of it as the same as requiring employees to wear a name tag or a uniform. A mask will have to be a new part of the get-up.

2. Get Management On Board

Managers of companies should always do what they can to avoid bias. All executive branches should all lead by example and show concern for their employees and their family. Setting a good example will demonstrate to all employees that the office is in it together. Suggesting health-related practices can create tensions in the office, and executives should avoid judgments at all costs.

3. Communication is Key

Just like most debatable issues, requiring a mask is surrounded by a lack of information and understanding. If the vast majority understood how masks work (check or how Coronavirus spreads, they’d likely be more apt to comply. Any changes to health policies in the office need to be communicated and detailed for all employees.

It’s not just about getting the company’s perspective across but requires listening to employee concerns. It’s best to host a Q&A, gathering facts and statistics from credible sources to demonstrate the effectiveness of wearing a mask and allowing employees to communicate their concerns.

4. Preparing to Take Action

When companies decide to put a mask policy in place, they should keep in mind the logistical issues involved. Companies like intrepidprotect offer a subscription for masks so that offices can keep plenty in supply. Employees are more likely to abide by the rules when their organization goes above and beyond to make positive changes. With a plentiful supply of masks, all employees are covered and held accountable for their actions if they choose not to abide.

The focus should turn to keeping both employees and their families safe by reducing the risk of coming in contact with the virus. The Covid-19 craze will be over soon, at least we hope, and things will slowly go back to whatever normal was before.


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